Building a child’s confidence at childcare before heading to primary school

»»Building a child’s confidence at childcare before heading to primary school

Building a child’s confidence at childcare before heading to primary school

The world, as beautiful and as wonderful as it is, can also be a big and scary place for our kids.

That’s what parents often think when their children are off to a new environment or new setting.

It’s normal for parents to have such a reaction. After all, they were once kids themselves. And as kids get older, parents seem to always have the last word in the “been there, done that” quarrel.

A parent’s guidance is fundamental in developing a strong, confident, and happy child. They have the responsibility in guiding their children as they grow and develop.

In addition to parents, another set of role models also play big parts in a child’s formative years: professional childcare educators.

One of the most important things that a child should develop in his primary years is confidence. Building confidence in a child can start with the parents or at home and is developed further once the child enters a standard child care program.


Childcare education: confidence is key!

As a child grows, it is important that they are confident in whatever they are planning or what they are setting out to achieve.

Even if it’s something as simple as wanting to meet a new person in class, confidence is all about taking action. There are things we want to try or do but the fear of failing, ridicule, and embarrassment may stop us. While this is normal, we should not let fear of failure stop us from acting on the things we want to do.

Confidence is also about building knowledge as we learn valuable lessons from trying new things and meeting new people.

As children are being moulded into well-rounded individuals, confidence building should begin at home and then honed at childcare.

Here at Southern Solutions, we believe in moulding children into confident young people, particularly as they grow and approach the stage of their lives where they enter primary school.


Confidence in a safe space

As a provider of childcare education courses, we believe that building confidence at an early age is crucial.

Early childcare educators should be able to provide a safe and secure environment for a child. They should be able to create a caring and enriching space where children are allowed to be themselves.

When children feel safe, they are able to take risks. They are able to put themselves in situations that allow them form bonds. They are also able to explore and try new things.

By giving children a safe space, we are letting them learn, allowing them to build their confidence and do things they otherwise mightn’t do in a more tense, unnerving, or uncomfortable setting.

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Think confident thoughts…

In addition to providing a child with a safe and secure learning environment, it’s also important for a childcare educator to let confidence in children grow through even seemingly small successes.

Confidence in children can be built by encouraging them to never give up and giving positive feedback when appropriate. Sometimes we have to persist in whatever it is we want to do, most especially when we don’t succeed the first time around.

Set SMART goals

You’ve probably heard the SMART analogy across all aspects of your education. The premise applies to goals you set for little ones, too! That is, ensure goals you set (or they themselves set!) are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

Refrain from giving big responsibilities in one go; instead, break achievements down into smaller tasks. You don’t want to overwhelm a child and make him feel bad if he does not do well!

Educators should also encourage kids to not only improve a skill, but also to improve confidence to perform that skill.

Think of the first time you achieved something great as a child. Do you remember how long it took you to learn? Did you practice a lot? How did you feel when you got your very first goal in netball?

Practice can lead to victory, and you might be there when they finally tie their shoelaces on their own!

Reading should be fun!

Let’s use reading as an example. It’s a slightly ambiguous goal as children develop at all different stages, and there are varying degrees of difficulty. At first, a child may find some difficulties reading but over time, with practice, the child will be able to develop his reading skills and comprehension, which will lead to improved confidence when he kicks those small and frequent goals!


Prepping for primary school

While a child is in the hands of a child carer, there will be a lot of opportunities to build confidence.

By developing children’s skills in a manner that allows them to develop their confidence, it will make it easier for a child to deal with some changes in his or her young life.

As the child grows, he or she will eventually reach their last day of childcare and face their first day of primary school.

The transition to a new environment such as a primary school may be difficult in the beginning, but it’s part of an educator’s job to assist in this shift, prepping a child with the confidence they need to enter school.

If you’ve got a confident child in your hands, he or she will be able to adapt to the new environment better.


Childcare courses and confidence

At Southern Solutions, we believe in confident and passionate child care educators.

In turn, they are able to impart this confidence towards the children they are caring for.

If you have dreams of playing a big role in developing confident and well-rounded children, we are here to turn those dreams into a fruitful and rewarding career!

Contact us today to find out more about our childcare courses.

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