A day in the life of a childcare educator

Considering a career in childcare? Getting the right training and qualification is the first step you must take that will lead to a fulfilling and rewarding childcare career! The importance of childcare Childcare workers are more than just “minders”; they are educators moulding children through learning, playing, and interacting, while simultaneously playing a critical role [...]

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How to get employed after completing your childcare course

The day is fast approaching. Your final assessment has been completed, you’ve ticked off your required hours of work experience, and you can almost feel the certification in your hand… you’re about to complete your childcare course. Congratulations! Over the last year, you have worked hard through the learning and assessment component of the course, [...]

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Starting your career in childcare

Starting a new career (or changing careers later in life) can be exciting, scary, motivating, and thrilling… all rolled into one! There’s a lot to take in and much to think about, including the right qualification you need to gain.   Australian childcare statistics and facts Before we dive into the steps required to begin [...]

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