Encourage a love of reading in children (and home and at childcare!)

According to a 2016 survey, 95% of Australians enjoy reading books for pleasure or interest. Given that there has been a decline in reading in other parts of the world, these are wonderful statistics for us Australians and for our future generations! In the same survey, it was also revealed that more than 80% of [...]

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The history of kinder and early childhood education

Learning is a never-ending process. At an early age, we start learning things from our parents, who are our first teachers.   As we start growing, we encounter new people, environments, and situations that can influence our growth and wellbeing. In addition to these new factors, formal education also greatly influences a growing child, particularly [...]

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Leadership in early childhood education: what does it mean to be a leader?

 I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples – Mother Teresa The calibre of leadership has a direct influence on the quality of education and care children receive through childcare centres. Ultimately, it is thoughtful leadership combined with a team of passionate and nurturing childcare [...]

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Career outcomes once you’ve finished studying childcare

Studying childcare is as much about the practical experience you’ll face through on-site placement as it is about the classroom-based learning you will do through Southern Solutions. In fact, it is through placement where you will really begin to find your feet and better understand whether your passion lies in care, or team leadership Career [...]

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