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Childcare courses to be a childcare assistant in Sydney

A day care or childcare centre would not be complete without childcare assistants.

The role of a childcare assistant is always changing! They are:

  • Supervising children during games, playtime, and other activities
  • Dressing children when it comes to naptime and outdoor play
  • Preparing snacks and assisting children during mealtimes
  • Entertaining children with stories, games, and songs

If you are considering the pathway of childcare assistant, plenty of opportunities await you!

You can find employment in:

  • Day care centres
  • Social service or welfare agencies
  • Churches
  • Public and private schools
  • Paediatric offices
  • Hospitals
  • Childcare centres

You can also choose self-employment and become a nanny.

What You’ll Learn Through Southern Solutions’ Child care Courses Sydney

  • Carry out basic care activities for infants and children that stimulate their physical, emotional, intellectual and social growth
  • Develop knowledge in children’s nutrition
  • Learn the stages of psychological, physical and emotional development of children
  • Apply basic strategies for the management and care of children with special needs
  • Apply basic principles of supervision and administration of childcare centres
  • Plan different activities and strategies for the development of skills through educational games, drawings, songs and movement
  • Learn skills to deal with emergency situations like wounds, burns, poisoning, allergic reactions, and insect bites

All this and more can be learned when you enrol in your chosen Southern Solutions child care courses Sydney. View all our courses here.

Why choose Southern Solutions to get your career started?

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