Why are childcare educators so satisfied in their jobs?

»»Why are childcare educators so satisfied in their jobs?

Why are childcare educators so satisfied in their jobs?

In a survey conducted by the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA), around 35 per cent of community and personal service worker – which includes childcare educators – were very satisfied with their job overall.

The survey result is such a great news for one of Australia’s fastest-growing industries: childcare.

This is also a great news for us at Southern Solutions.  As an institution that offers childcare courses in Australia’s three largest capital cities, we are happy to hear that people in our industry are satisfied with their job!

For those who may be wondering, “What is it about the industry that brings satisfaction to its workers?”.  Well, there are actually plenty of perks in the childcare industry.  Read on and we will break it down for you.


The perks of being a childcare educator

One of the strongest pulls towards this rewarding industry is the very real impact childcare educators have on the children they care for.

These may be varying reasons but at the end of the day, these bring satisfaction ratings to dizzying heights! And once you see that they are satisfied with their jobs, employee retention is strong.

What is it that makes childcare one of the most rewarding industries, and why are childcare workers so happy? We take a look at to some of the tantalising factors that enhance an educator’s satisfaction.


Work-life balance

Just like other professions, being a child care educator is no easy feat.  However, what makes the child care industry so satisfying is the fact that it believes in work-life balance.

We all know that too much of something can impact our health and wellbeing. The secret lies in developing (and sticking to!) a rational work-life balance.

Childcare facilities are usually open as early as 7:00am and typically close around 6:00pm. Some centres may offer even longer operational hours. Some might even open on weekends or on public holidays! But for the most part, professional childcare educators don’t need to work odd hours or late at night.

This gives child care educators the chance to time to spend more time with their families and friends.  It gives them more time to do other activities that fulfil the different aspects of their personal lives.

Shifts are also often segmented into the early or late shift. That is, those who begin work earlier, say 7am, are normally wrapping up their day by 4pm. Similiarly, those who enjoy a later start to their shift (say 10am) are finishing up at the close of business.


Salary scale

A career in childcare education can be very attractive, especially here in Australia. If you’re wondering how much a childcare educator earns, the reality is there’s no blanket answer. Why? It can depend on your experience.

Pay rates are generally higher for those who have achieved their Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC50113).

Not sure which course is right for you? Your short- and long-term goals will help you make that decision. Learn more in this blog post.


Grow your career in the childcare industry

Another great thing about the childcare industry is there is always room for growth.  One of the issues some workers experience in other industries is that there is limited opportunity for growth, leaving you feeling rather stuck.

In the childcare industry, you can start as an assistant or a room leader, and over time, as your skills strengthen and confidence grows, you can chase the opportunity to advance your career as an educational leader or certified supervisor.

Those who have vast experience in the field and who possess the required qualifications can be employed in management level roles, including:

  • Childcare coordinator
  • Centre manager
  • Assistant director
  • Managing director
  • Centre owner


Study more and move on up!

At Southern Solutions, we have designed courses that ensure that only the highest quality of care will be given the children within your centre.

Our philosophy is simple: the happier you are in your job, the more you will excel in it!

We believe that those who are satisfied with their work in the childcare industry will be able to fulfil their full potential in the field, absorbing all of its perks and investing in further education if they choose.

If you’re interested in becoming the best of the best in childcare education, call us today for more information! Explore our courses here.

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