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Childcare traineeship in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane

Combine formal industry training with paid employment through a childcare traineeship with Southern Solutions!

Working in the childcare industry, during children’s most influential years, is a rewarding career choice that brings great fulfilment, joy,and satisfaction on a daily basis.

Childcare traineeship Sydney

What is a traineeship?

A traineeship combines on-the-job learning with paid employment, providing the perfect platform for people to earn money while simultaneously completing their qualification.

Young people can prepare for their future and get “work-ready” through a full-time, paid traineeship. Upon coimpletion, you will gain a nationally recognised qualification!

Through a traineeship, you will learn on-the-job childcare skills, including:
  • Child development
  • Health and safety
  • Play and creative experiences
Childcare Traineeship at Southern Solutions

How does a traineeship differ from the Certificate 3 or the Diploma?

A traineeship is typically completed on a full-time basis as it combines learning and training with paid employment within a registered childcare or early learning centre.

Southern Solutions offers traineeships in the following courses:

  • Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC30113)
  • Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC50113)
Our childcare traineeships are ideal for:
  • Recent school leavers
  • Those who wish to re-enter the workforce
  • Employees who wish to re-enter the workforce

If you want to undertake your childcare training while simultaneously getting paid on the job, we want to hear from you!

  • You must not hold any qualifications in early childcare education
  • You must be aged 18 years or older
  • You must have the right to work in Australia

Childcare Traineeship For Employers

Looking for a trainee? Contact Souther Solutions today!

Our Traineeship is designed to enhance your employee’s skills and sharpen their knowledge of the ever-growing childcare industry.

Existing employees

For existing workers, we can up skill them through higher education, allowing them to perform a broader range of day-to-day tasks.

New employees

New employees can gain the right qualification in childcare, either the industry standard Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC30113) or the Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC50113).

Call us if you want to fill a gap for a skilled or trained worker within your childcare or early learning centre. Formal training is delivered by Souther Solutions.

Contact us if you require any additional information or guidance!

Why choose Southern Solutions to get your career started?

  • 30 years’ industry experience
  • We support you all the way
  • High completion rate
  • High quality courses
  • Great opportunities