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Childcare courses to start a day care centre in Sydney

Demand for day care is increasing in Australia, so now is a great opportunity for those who have been thinking about starting their own day care centre!

If you are enrolled or are close to finishing your childcare course, you will have the necessary qualifications, knowledge, and skills to join a day care centre as an educator or set up your own day care centre.

What You Need To Set up A Day Care Centre in Sydney

Number of Children

First, you need to realistically determine the number of children you plan to attend to. Consider your location, your space, and your abilities. Lots of useful information on day care centres can be found here.


Next, you must determine where your day care centre will be located. It should be spacious enough to cater the number of children you plan for, and should easily be accessible.

Design, Layout, and Flow

Next, you need to design your chosen space.

Divide rooms and consider whether you would like to create designated play areas, eating areas, and rest areas. You can also take advantage of a green area and create an outdoor play space.

A well-organised design will result in a more enjoyable experience for children and a more manageable experience for you and your staff.


A great day care centre offers a wide variety of age-appropriate toys that contribute to the development of cognitive and problem-solving skills.

This may include toys, books, art supplies, instruments, and more.

Schedules and Activities

The best day care facilities have structured schedules that include a lot of time for physical activity, moments for children to relax, individual activities, meals, and free time.


Last but not least, you must decide on the number of employees you need to fulfil the Educator to Child quota. Choose staff that not only work well and naturally with children, but can also communicate with adults, demonstrate empathy, and help your centre attract new clients.

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