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Diploma of Leadership and Management

Overview of the industry

A career in leadership and management can be incredibly fulfilling and satisfying. Management roles are incredibly diverse, with various levels of management and leadership roles available depending on the type and size of organization you are employed at.

In today’s corporate society, management isn’t necessarily assigning people tasks and deadlines – it’s about nurturing creativity, being a positive role model for staff and ensuring that everyone is working to the best of their ability. There are many underlying principles and theories attributed to management roles, and it is up to you as a manager to determine which theories you want to employ within your company depending on your staff, their requirements, and how it can benefit your company as a whole.

Number of roles available

All businesses have different departments, and those departments all need intelligent and forward-thinking managers. Upon completion of the Diploma of Leadership and Management you will have the opportunity to work in many different positions, such as:

  • Team leader
  • Business Manager
  • Department manager
  • Executive Manager
  • General Manager
  • Director
  • Store Manager


Why do this course?

Effective managers are always in high demand, both within Australia and overseas. This course will teach you more than just the fundamentals and underpinning theories of management. You will learn effective leadership skills and strategies, how to manage your own performance, as well as the performance of others, and how to develop good business acumen.

Southern Solutions Diploma of Leadership and Management is taught by industry professionals who have many years of leadership and management experience within a range of different corporations. Under their instruction, you will learn how to be an effective leader and will develop the skills required in order to lead and grow your career.


What you will be learning

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Develop and use emotional intelligence in the workplace to effectively lead and management teams to ensure high work output.

Project Management

Learn the practice of initiating, planning, executing and controlling projects to ensure your team is achieving goals and meeting the required success criteria.

Leading Teams

Facilitate and grow positive work relationships within your team while ensuring that workloads are managed effectively and tasks are completed efficiently.

Leading Through Innovation

Learn how to evaluate work practices, plan and implement innovative work strategies while ensuring KPI’s are being met.

Communicate with Influence

Learn advanced workplace communication skills and present messages in a format and style that will have maximum impact on your audience.

Inspiring Self and Others

Inspire yourself and your team to maximise outcomes by effectively managing workforce planning by focusing on and embracing diversity and harnessing unique skills and experience of individual team members.

Presentation and Story Telling

Gain the confidence to speak publicly and finesse your skills by learning highly effective communication strategies.

Smart and Skilled

If you are eligible for Smart and Skilled funding, the New South Wales government will subsidise some of the cost of your course.

To find out more information, or work out how much the government will subsidise, please go to the below link or call our office on 1300 656 321 to find out.

Smart and Skilled Website: https://www.training.nsw.gov.au/smartandskilled/prices_fees.html


Fee for service

If you are not eligible for Smart and Skilled funding, the BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management will cost $7590.00.

Southern Solutions has payment options available for students. For more information regarding payment options, please call our office on 1300 656 321 or by email at info@southernsolutions.nsw.edu.au



Southern Solutions BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management is available as a traineeship. When completing a traineeship, you will undertake paid employment, on either a full-time or part-time basis, while also setting aside time each week to focus on completing your required course work as well as undertaking practical observations with your trainer.

Traineeship are subsidised by the NSW and SA government, for eligible students. If eligible for a traineeship there will be a co-contribution fee of $1000. The course will be full subsidies by the government.

For more information about traineeships please call our office on 1300 656 321 or by email at info@southernsolutions.nsw.edu.au