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Childcare courses for early childhood educator in Sydney

Early childhood is generally defined as the period from birth until about eight years old. Predominant brain growth, learning, and development during these early years are essential to future learning.

In fact, a child’s brain develops more and faster in his or her first five years of life than at any other stage in life! Their brains develop through use, so early childcare education provides babies and children a stimulating environment where the can develop their senses, as well as explore, experiment, and try to solve problems.

Early childhood education

Early childhood education

During these impressionable years, an early childcare educator plays a large role in providing formal and informal education to children.

Facilitating physical and intellectual development through day-to-day activities and experiences, children in a childcare environment also develop social skills as they interact with their carers as well as other children.

Your role as an early childhood educator is diverse. Most childcare centres segment children by age, so during a typical week, you might work with babies, toddlers, and pre-school aged children. Your role is to guide children, and facilitate learning through play and various activities and experiences. As you guide (rather than lead), you are ensuring a child is safe and happy, but also letting him or her develop and choose their own learning style on their own pathway.

An early childhood educator:

  • Provides the ultimate care
  • Is passionate about education
  • Loves working and interacting with children!

Learning through play

Learning through play is a concept based on research by Jean Piaget. Piaget said that play meets the physical, intellectual, language, emotional, and social needs (PILES) of children.

Spot the signs: childcare education is right for you if…

You’re creative and patient

Teaching children may be challenging, but if you have the patience – as well as passion and creativity – then it sounds like childcare could be your next great career move.

You love being around children

This is a no-brainer. Do you love working with children? Do you love playing with them, and seeing how they interact with their toys, other children, and you?

You’re passionate about education

The early childhood years are when children are most impressionable. They learn from observation and imitation, and need an environment where they can develop motor skills and more through play and creativity. Childcare education provides that exact environment.

You understand and respect diversity

No two children are alike, which means through childcare education you will work with children across the entire spectrum. Respecting and understanding different learning styles as well as different personalities is crucial in providing a beneficial learning environment for all children in your care.

You want to feel fulfilled

At the end of the working day, you might feel exhausted, but you will also feel mightily fulfilled. Working with all those bright young minds on a daily basis provides a real sense of fulfilment.

Early childhood educator Sydney

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