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Childcare courses to be a family day care educator in Sydney

If you enjoy working with children, and want to make a difference in their lives by providing quality care and learning experiences in your own nurturing home environment, then family daycare could be the career for you!

Family day care is a branch of childcare and education that is provided to children in the day care educator’s own home. Did you know that family day care accounts for 12% of Australia’s total childcare sector?

All family day care centres operate under the same National Quality Framework (NQF) as all other forms of childcare. That means a family day care centre is every bit as regulated as a centre-based service, which offers great peace-of-mind for families investigating their childcare options.

Family day care benefits

Family day care services provide a number of benefits that appeal to parents and families looking for care services for their children.


As care is provided in an educator’s own home, they may be able to provide more flexible care for busy parents. This is usually in terms of more accommodating hours. As a family day care owner, you may even choose to operate on the weekends.

If you are an early childhood professional working in a centre-based environment, you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility offered by family day care to shape your career and your learning environment.

In most cases you will enjoy the flexibility of running your own business with the support and guidance of your approved service. Depending on the demand in your area and your policies, you have the freedom to determine your own hours of work as well as fees and charges.


A family day care centre can be smaller than a traditional childcare centre, restricting children numbers which results in a more personalised and tight-knit care environment. Families are also comforted knowing that your family day care centre setting acts like a “home away from home”.

Mixed-age groups are popular in family day care centres (as numbers are smaller so there is no real need for age segmentation), which better mirrors the “sibling” environment a child has at home.

Grow at your own pace

A family day care centre – owned and operated by you – means you have better control over the speed and growth of your centre. Start small, and grow only when your capabilities grow.

With a commitment to training and professional development, family day care can offer you the opportunity to start a rewarding new career with the flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of your own family.

Low child turnover

Many home-based child carers experience a lower turnover than commercial settings, based mainly on the flexibility a sole owner may be able to provide as well as the more personalised environment.

A low child turnover means an educator works closely with a child for longer than they may at a centre-based service. Close bonds are developed as a child works with the same educator from when they are a just a few months up right up until they are ready for primary school.

Some family day care centres provide care for children up until the age of 12, becoming viable solutions for families with older children who might require more sporadic care on weekends or during school holidays.

Join an expanding profession

With the ever-increasing childcare needs of Australian working families, family day care services have never been in such high demand.

Across Australia:

  • Family day care has operated for more than 40 years
  • 104,130 families use family day care
  • Almost 180,000 children are enrolled in family day care
  • There are 714 family day care approved services
  • Family day care is the major provider of regulated, flexible, non-standard hours childcare

(Above statistics have been sourced from Department of Social Services ‘Childcare and Early Learning in Summary’ report, March quarter 2014)

Family day care educator or owner Sydney

Combine your passion for children with the opportunity to create a financially rewarding, professional home based career as an early childhood educator. Parents choose family day care services for their highly personalised and flexible arrangements, while the home environment provides comfort to children as it mimics their own home.

If the idea of running your own day care business from your own home appeals to you, remember that you must possess the same qualifications and receive the same education and training as centre-based childcare educators. Explore our education and childcare courses here.

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