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Fees and Refunds Policy and Procedure


The purpose of this policy and procedure is to outline SSTS’s approach to managing fees and refunds and to demonstrate how fees paid in advance are protected by SSTS.



Operations Manager



As required



1. Protection of fees paid in advance

SSTS do not collect student fees in advance.

2. Fees and refund information

Prospective and current students are advised of the fees associated with a course on the website, and the email with their enrolment form.

For all students, fee information is always provided prior to enrolment. Fee information provided students includes:

  • All relevant fee information, including fees that must be paid and payment terms

Students accessing government funding

Students who’s training is being subsidies by the Government will receive an Notification of enrolment email outlining any fees they will need to contribute and what fees the government will susidies.

3. Inclusions in course fees

Unless otherwise specified, course fees include all the training and assessment required for students to achieve the qualification or course in which they are enrolling.

  • Course fees include one copy of the required text books and learning materials for each student. Any optional textbooks and materials that may be recommended but not required for a course, are not included in course fees and will be an additional cost should the student wish to purchase such materials. If textbooks are lost and need to be replaced, the student will be required to cover the cost of the replacement materials
  • Course fees include the issuance of a testamur and record of results and/or statement of attainment. For additional copies or re-issuing of any of these documents an additional fee is applicable.

4. Late payments

Students who are experiencing difficulty in paying their fees are invited to call our office to make alternative arrangements for payment during their period of difficulty.

Debts will be referred to a debt collection agency where fees are more than 40 days past due. SSTS reserves the right to suspend the provision of training and/or other services until fees are brought up to date. Students with long term outstanding accounts may be withdrawn from their course if payments have not been received and no alternative arrangements for payment have been made.

5. Refunds

Students who withdraw from a course and wish to seek a refund or have the amount they owe on their fees reduced, must apply to SSTS in writing, outlining the details and reason for their request. Students who have not completed a withdrawal form are not eligible for consideration of a refund or reduction in fees.

Students, eligibility for a refund will be assessed as follows:

A. Full refund where SSTS cancels the course prior to commencement.

B. Full refund of unspent course fees where SSTS cancels the course after commencement. The percentage of unspent course fees will be calculated based on services already provided up to the day the course stops.

C. 70% refund where the student withdraws in writing 28 days or more prior to the course commencing.

D. No refund of course fees where the student withdraws in writing 0 – 28 days or more prior to the course commencing.

E. No refund where the student is excluded for misbehaviour.

8. Outcomes of refund decisions

SSTS will provide the outcome of the refund assessment in writing to the student’s registered address, outlining the decision and reasons for the decision along with any applicable refund or adjustment notice within 14 business days.

Students will be advised that they may appeal the refund assessment following SSTS’s Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure.



A. Invoices

  • All students will be issue with an email detail the course fees.
  • If student is subsidies by the Government, then the contribution from the government should be detailed too.
  • If student accepts the place in the course an invoice should be raise for the course fees and email to the student along with an EZDebit form.

Keep a copy of the invoice in Xero.

B. Receiving payments

  • Payments may be made by, direct bank transfer, credit card or direct debit.
  • Record payments against the relevant invoice on Xero.

C. Managing overdue fees

  • Send out statements monthly to students to show outstanding fees.
  • Call students where payments are more than 14 days overdue.
  • Any student with an invoice over 40 days past due should be referred to the debt collection agency.
  • Refer to the Operations Manager about suspending training until fees are brought up to date. If training is suspended send a letter to the student advising of suspension until payment is made. Advise Trainer/Assessor.
  • Where fees continue to be unpaid, refer to Operations Manager to consider withdrawal.

D. Processing refunds – provider default

  • Automatically issue a refund within 14 days to students who have enrolled and paid any fee and the course is cancelled prior to commencement.
  • Automatically issue a refund to students within 14 days where the course has commenced but is cancelled.
  • Notify students to whom refunds are automatically issued in writing and issue refund. Record on file.
  • All other students who withdraw from their course and seek a refund are to make a request for a refund in writing.
  • Assess refund as per this Policy.
  • Calculate the relevant refunds.
  • Operation Manager or CEO approves refund assessment.
  • Notify the student in writing of the outcome of the refund assessment and make payment of refund where applicable.
  • For student default, process refunds within 28 days.

Keep a copy of the refund assessment on the student’s file.