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How We Train

Through Southern Solutions childcare courses, you enjoy specialised attention and care through dedicated classroom-based training.

The benefits of classroom-based training are plentiful, so when you are studying your chosen childcare course, you can make the most of the following advantages.

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Advantages of classroom-based training for our childcare courses

“Human” element

Through online training, students tend to miss out on the “human value” that is found in face-to-face training. Students form emotional connections with the trainers (and peers), creating a more enriching learning experience.

Small classes are the perfect learning environment

Class sizes are kept small for the sole purpose of allowing each student to receive dedicated attention from their trainer. Immediate support is guaranteed!

Build confidence

Some people argue that classroom-based training requires extroverts, however in our experience, we have witnessed first-hand people who have completely transformed the way they present and interact with others, thanks to their learning environment!

Classroom-based training in an important facilitator in growing one’s confidence, a trait particularly necessary in childcare.

Rely on support from your peers

Through classroom-based training, you’re supported not only by a great trainer, but by your fellow students. This is the perfect opportunity to bounce ideas off one another and engage is stimulating discussions!

Make great friends!

Through study, you will develop strong friendships with your classmates. This immeasurable support from friends makes for a fun and fulfilling learning environment!

CHC30113 or CHC50113: which childcare course is right for you?


Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care is great for those who want to begin their career in childcare. Through this course, you will learn the basics of childcare, development, and education. This course is the current industry minimum required!


Enhance your career with the Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. With this qualification, career opportunities include manager, team leader, or centre operator. This blog post will help you decide which course is right for you.

Get started with Southern Solutions: enrol in our childcare courses today!

Whether you are studying Certificate 3 (CHC30113) or the Diploma (CHC50113), you can enjoy the benefits of learning in an enriching, dynamic, and vibrant environment with Southern Solutions.

Our childcare courses start on the 17th of each month – contact us for a chat or to enrol!

Why choose Southern Solutions to get your career started?

  • 30 years’ industry experience
  • We support you all the way
  • High completion rate
  • High quality courses
  • Great opportunities