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Online Training

Southern Solutions makes it simple for you to complete your chosen course in the best and most convenient way possible.

We understand that students enrolling in our childcare courses Sydney can range from recent high school graduates chasing their passion to those in established careers who are seeking a compete career overhaul, which is why flexible online training is one of the most popular methods to deliver educational information and training.

Learning flexibilities opens up our childcare courses to a wider pool of students. Online training gives students the ability to study when it suits their schedule. They do not have to attend fixed-time lessons and can find and manage all their resources from a single online portal.

Benefits of Online Learning


Study when you want from wherever you are. All you need is an internet connection, and you can access course materials on the go via your smartphone or at home on your laptop.


Not all of our students are recent high school grads seeking their first qualifications. Many are further along in their career, seeking a fresh change into the childcare industry or looking to advance their current qualifications.

Online childcare courses Sydney means they can maintain their current job and engage in our online training at a more comfortable pace.

Remove the Need For Travel

Southern Solutions’ online training means you can work your way closer to that childcare degree from the comfort of your own home.

Distance is no longer an issue, so those located across the city or across the country can enjoy top education through Southern Solutions’ online training.

Improve Your Tech Skills

In today’s technological age, online training helps further develop your tech skills… even those of you who didn’t grow up in the age of tablets and smartphones.

24/7 Access

Once logged into our online portal, access to all kinds of course materials is at your fingertips. Got a spare half hour before an appointment? Catch up on the latest lecture notes.

Support is Not Compromised

Southern Solutions offers a reliable and dependable online child care courses Sydney support network between students and trainers. One-on-one assistance, online chat, and Skype calls are just some of the ways we keep in touch with and support students throughput their entire training.

Why choose Southern Solutions to get your career in childcare started?

  • 30 years’ industry experience
  • We support you all the way
  • High completion rate
  • High quality courses
  • Great opportunities