Studying childcare? Share these classic children’s books with kids!

»»Studying childcare? Share these classic children’s books with kids!

Studying childcare? Share these classic children’s books with kids!

Did you have a favourite book when you were younger? One that you bugged your parents to read you every single night after dinner?

You weren’t alone – even in an age of smartphones, YouTube, and high-speed internet, story time remains a favourite pastime of children around the world.

There’s just something magical about watching children gather around a physical book where their eyes light up and are captured by the magic.

Good stories can last forever – we’re willing to bet you can still remember everything that happened in your favourite books, even all these years.  If there’s one thing we can do to pay homage to the classic children’s books we loved as kids, it’s to share it with the new generation.

Reading to children is more than just fun, however – it’s also essential to childhood development! Story time helps children comprehend and understand challenging concepts.

Additionally, it helps develop vocabulary and can significantly speed up the rate at which they learn to read.

Today, we want to share some of the best classic children’s books that you can share with kids at childcare. Not only do each of these books help in different aspects of development, but best of all they’re just great stories!

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Where The Wild Things Are

  • Author: Maurice Sendak
  • Published: 1963

We all know the story behind Where The Wild Things Are: a young boy named Max causes a ruckus at home and is sent to his room before setting off on a journey like no other.

After meeting and taming the titular “Wild Things”, Max becomes their king before feeling lonely and deciding to return home.

Here’s something we bet you didn’t know though: for about two years after it was published, this beloved children’s classic was actually banned in many libraries and schools across the US!

In fact, it took Maurice Sendak four years to even get it approved for publishing, with adults being frightened that its depiction of rebellion, punishment, and escape would “damage the minds of children”.

Of course, that’s exactly why it wound up becoming such a hit, and why it’s still being read half a century on!

Children often have difficulty grasping their emotions and for childcare educators, Max’s journey can be used to teach children how to handle their anger and other negative emotions.

Do you have a couple wild things in your cohort? If so, dust off a copy of Where The Wild Things Are!


The Tale of Peter Rabbit

  • Author: Beatrix Potter
  • Published: 1902

At 116 years young, The Tale of Peter Rabbit is an oldie, but most certainly a goodie!

This illustrated classic is perhaps one of the best examples of what happens when children become naughty and misbehave.

Here’s how it goes: Mrs Rabbit warns her children, Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail, and Peter, not to go to Mr McGregor’s garden. Mischievous Peter, however, refuses to listen and ventures into Mr McGregor’s garden, pinching the farmer’s food.

Kids love listening as Peter is caught by Mr McGregor: don’t be surprised to see a lot of wide eyes and anxious kids as Peter attempts to escape the garden before the farmer can get a hold of him.

With its wonderfully drawn illustrations and cautionary tale, this is something that children will not only love but also learn various lessons from.


The Lorax

  • Author: Dr. Seuss
  • Published: 1972

While it might not the first Dr Seuss book that comes to mind (The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham probably hold that title), The Lorax is perhaps one of the good doctor’s most important stories.

The book details the struggle of the environment and the Lorax. While categorised as a children’s fable, it deals with what happens when corporate greed (personified by a character named Once-ler) overtakes the environment (The Lorax).

The Lorax is a great teaching tool – especially in an age of deforestation and climate change.

While the book deals with serious subject matter, it also helps childhood educators teach children the value of seeing the beauty the world has to offer and how it’s our responsibility to keep it protected.


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  • Author: Roald Dahl
  • Published: 1964

Kids LOVE lollies. It should come as absolutely no surprise to any parent or childcare educator that kids love sweets, chocolates and fizzy drinks.

Don’t blame the kids for it, however: it’s just how they’re wired, according to biologists!

So why not give them a story that’s full of sugar and sweetness by reading them Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

First published in 1964, this classic story was inspired by author Roald Dahl’s childhood experience of testing out chocolates sent by companies to school children.

The book chronicles the adventures of Charlie Bucket inside the chocolate factory of Willy Wonka. Join Charlie and a “colourful” cast of characters (literally, in the case of Violet Beauregarde) as they goes through Willy Wonka’s unique factory.

Just be careful though: while you might remember it as a fun and light-hearted romp, the book contains some darker undertones you might have missed when you were younger.

Tread with a little caution.



  • Author: Ludwig Bemelmans
  • Published: 1939

“I’m Madeline, I’m Madeline, I may be very small…”

Be honest: did you find yourself singing along?

Everyone knows Madeline and her 11 classmates in Paris.

What less people might know is that long before she starred in the beloved television series, Madeline was the star of her own series of bestselling books.

Written and illustrated by Austrian author Ludwig Bemelmans, Madeline perhaps one of the most beloved children’s book characters ever. Join Madeline and her friends as they get into all sorts of antics around the City of Lights.

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Great books and stories have a way of staying with kids for a long time, even up to when they reach adulthood – and we’re not just talking about remembering how these stories go!

Reading is a fundamental part of a child’s growth and development. Sharing these classic children’s books with them can teach valuable lessons and helping to develop children’s literacy and vocabulary, setting them up for the rest of their lives!

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