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Want to study childcare? 5 tips for balancing study and family

Picture it: you’re eager to get into the childcare industry. You have the perfect temperament to work with young children. You’re passionate about kids, and the idea of shaping young lives excites you. There’s just one major thought in your mind: you can’t fathom how you’re going to fit studying childcare into your already-busy life! [...]

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Study Certificate 3 in childcare to find out how children learn through play

Did you know that a young child has an attention span of between 8-10 minutes? In an early childcare setting, one of the most important aspects we must remember is how children think and learn. For childcare educators, that means developing activities and routines that work around these shorter attention spans. Here at Southern Solutions, [...]

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Study your Certificate 3 in childcare to learn how children’s fine motor skills develop

Every aspect of child’s development is important, and as a child grows, it’s critical to address each part of the development. One of the many aspects you will focus on when you study childcare is a child’ development of their fine motor skills. In addition to parents, child care educators play significant roles in the [...]

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Study childcare today and learn how to read toddler body language and behaviour

Last week, we blogged about how to read the body language, behaviours, and non-verbal hints that babies use to communicate. This week, we’re talking about understanding toddlers. Toddlers are much more capable of understanding human speech than babies, with older toddlers being able to form full sentences and with vocabularies of up to 900 words. [...]

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