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How to deal with toddler temper tantrums at childcare

When it comes to dealing with young children, dealing with temper tantrums can be one of the most challenging – yet unavoidable – parts of the package. Just talk to any childcare educator or parent! At Southern Solutions, we believe it’s important to understand what pushes children to display such challenging behaviours and importantly, teaching [...]

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The history of kinder and early childhood education

Learning is a never-ending process. At an early age, we start learning things from our parents, who are our first teachers.   As we start growing, we encounter new people, environments, and situations that can influence our growth and wellbeing. In addition to these new factors, formal education also greatly influences a growing child, particularly [...]

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How to get employed after completing your childcare course

The day is fast approaching. Your final assessment has been completed, you’ve ticked off your required hours of work experience, and you can almost feel the certification in your hand… you’re about to complete your childcare course. Congratulations! Over the last year, you have worked hard through the learning and assessment component of the course, [...]

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The benefits of flexible childcare study

Much like childcare educators encourage their children to learn at their own pace, flexible childcare study gives you that very same opportunity! The benefits of flexible childcare study are plentiful. Are you interested in enrolling in a childcare course, but unsure whether your current lifestyle will accommodate study? Fear not: flexible childcare study is what [...]

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Starting your career in childcare

Starting a new career (or changing careers later in life) can be exciting, scary, motivating, and thrilling… all rolled into one! There’s a lot to take in and much to think about, including the right qualification you need to gain.   Australian childcare statistics and facts Before we dive into the steps required to begin [...]

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