Transfer to Southern Solutions to complete your childcare course today!

»»Transfer to Southern Solutions to complete your childcare course today!

Transfer to Southern Solutions to complete your childcare course today!

Recently there has been some worrying news about two major Australian training centres that have entered administration and as a result, have closed down.

These closures happened alarmingly quickly, leaving thousands of students in limbo, wondering what they can do (and what steps they should take) to continue their studies.

Transfer to Southern Solutions today

If you are a student of one of the two recent companies to close down, consider continuing your studies and completing it with us at Southern Solutions.

We will help you get back on track to complete your education and achieve your Certificate III or Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care.

If you were a student at either of these institutes and are worried about the future of your training, call us today! We will be glad to help.

Why choose Southern Solutions to continue your childcare course?

Qualified, professional, and trusted industry leaders

We have been training childcare professionals for 20 years and we offer a service you can trust and rely on to educate you immediately and in the future.

Your studies don’t just lead to a job; they lead you to the first step in an extraordinary and rewarding childcare career!

We will be with you every step of the way through your training, including helping you find placement.

Lost your motivation?

It can be hard to feel inspired or enthused after an experience like this… but we want to help you recover that misplaced motivation and keep you on track to complete your childcare studies!

Our trainers are patient and empathetic, will help you find that lost ambition, and will be the driving force that propels you to success!

High course completion rate

Southern Solutions educates happy students who evolve into passionate educators of tomorrow.

Our high completion rate is credited to our exceptional trainers but also to our students, who always display immeasurable amounts of enthusiasm, dedication, and hard work!

Nationally accredited childcare courses

The childcare courses we offer are nationally accredited, which means they are recognised throughout Australia. They meet national industry standards and quality assurance requirements.

Bottom line: our courses are recognised throughout Australia, enabling you to work in childcare in all Australian states and territories!

Specialised 1-2-1 training

1-2-1 training has proven to hold many benefits over classroom-based training. It encourages students to step up and not rely on others to further their learning.

Further benefits of 1-2-1 training:

  • Avoid overstimulation
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Personalise conversations
  • Low-stress environment
  • Class will not go on without you!

1-2-1 training allows you to complete your education at your own pace with a dedicated trainer focused entirely on your success.

Next steps

We understand that this predicament can be causing you unwanted stress and panic as you try to figure out what steps you should take.

The first thing you can do is contact Southern Solutions. Tell us more about your situation and let us know:

  • What institute you attended
  • What course you were enrolled in
  • When you started studying
  • When you were forecast to finish
  • How many units you had completed
  • Whether or not you had sourced placement

We’re ready to help, and by using the information above we can help tailor a solution for you!

When can I resume studying my childcare course?

By now, you might be itching to continue studying for your childcare certification, so make sure you get in touch with Southern Solutions today about resuming your childcare course! Contact us or call 1300 656 321.

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