How to welcome new children to your childcare centre this New Year

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How to welcome new children to your childcare centre this New Year

The fireworks have been lit, and the New Year has been welcomed. Now it’s time to get back into the thick of things and start anew!  

With the new year, there will certainly be new faces who will be part of your child care class.

Given how young they are, kids at first might find it difficult to be in a new environment.

Taking this and other considerations to mind, there are plenty of ways a childcare educator can make new children feel welcome in a childcare centre!


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If you’re currently studying childcare and are approaching its completion, there’s no doubt you’re already thinking about your future career in childcare. This week, we want to help prospective childcare educators with some great tips to welcome new children to their centre.

Whether it’s the beginning of a New Year, where whole-group transitions take place, or a new enrolment at any other time of the year, the key is to make children feel welcome, comfortable, safe, and happy. Find out how by reading on!


Welcome to childcare! Greet new children with a great attitude and open arms

While there may be no parades or marching bands to usher them in, a warm and genuine welcome will be appreciated by the new kids as well as their parents.

To a child, being dropped off at childcare for the first time can be a little intimidating.

It would mean a lot for a child who goes into an unknown territory to see that they are being welcomed with arms wide open.

To ease off any anxiety or nervousness, make sure you speak to the child in his or her level.  And it would always be great to spend some one-on-one time with every new child who comes in for the first time.


And as the smallest of things can make a child feel welcome, you can try putting up a welcome banner or poster on your classroom door. It would certainly delight any new child to see their name up on the door!


Introduce children to their new classmates

Making introductions is a common and basic courtesy that can sometimes be disregarded or overlooked – even in adulthood!

Introducing new children to each other is a great way to welcome kids, make them feel more comfortable, and to get to know their new friends.


Lend a helping hand to children in your childcare centre

When you’re in a new environment, you’re often unfamiliar with a lot of things.  This also applies to kids who are new to your childcare centre!

Given the fact that they are new, they need all the help they can get. Being one of the new kids can be intimidating and can cause anxiety. Helping at every opportunity will make an immense impact.


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